Photos are posted monthly on Dan Kee’s blog

You can scroll through his blog to locate a demonstrator of interest (you’ll also see Dan’s other posts) or check the Blog Archive at the end. The direct “link” for an artist’s photo-set below:

Carolyn Machado

Chris Sullivan

Joe Oakes

Bill Hudson

JoAnn Formia

Mardi Speth

Daniel Marshall

Marina Paviovich

Nancy Anderson

Tom Fritz

Judy Todd

Carla Bosch

Nancy Caldwell Unfortunately we do not have photos of her May 2018 demonstration

Ying Liu

Tim Clark

Bernard Fallon

Al Setton

Jacki Long

John Bare

Deborah Goldman

Chris Sullivan

Rhonda Jones

Kevin Davidson

Michael Allen Punke

Hyatt Moore

Jim Salchak

Robin Cole Smith

Tom Fritz